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Would you consider these CVs for top positions?

By | Prabodh Sirur | In search of Postitive Intranets at In search of Positive Intranets

Here are two CVs – Tara to head an Architecture firm and Anu to head a manufacturing company.

Employment history of these two – Tara – Housewife, Anu – English teacher and Housewife (read as – “no prior experience of heading companies”)

Education and qualification – English literature (read as – “no MBA from Wharton/Stanford”)

Skills and strengths – ‘No’ against each of these – Strategic Planning, Leading large teams, Large business wins, Global strategic alliances etc.

Would you have considered them to lead organizations? Obviously NO.

The reality today – Tara’s name appears in the list of top 10 architects of India, Anu received the President’s award for successfully managing a multi-crore business.

How did this happen?

Let me share their journey. You will find some unique competencies in them.

I found amazing similarity in their approach even though they managed a different set of people. One had to deal with architects, highly creative human minds and the other with shop floor workers.

Both Tara and Anu are a great example of the concept of Servant Leadership that was propagated by Robert Greenleaf in early 70s.


Both of them were forced into these roles at a young age because of the sudden demise of their spouses.

They had an option to close the operations but they chose to take a plunge. This is how they progressed.

Republished with permission and originally published at Prabodh Sirur’s Linkedin

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