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This year, the hardest job I ever had was just getting off the couch…

Source | LinkedIn : By Aaron Davis

For the rest of the story…When I left as CMO of APC by Schneider Electric Schneider Electric I expected to ride my bike a lot and enjoy the best of a young retirement. I didn’t expect the birth of my second son (proving that executive travel is the most effective birth control yet devised) or to face a punch in the gut I never could have anticipated.

The first showed me the real world of stay at home Mom’s and Dad’s and left me with an incredible appreciation for those doing the most important jobs of all. Never let anyone say it’s easy!

The second left me with an appreciation for each day, each colleague, each morsel of food in my mouth, and above all the visual beauty of each sunrise, sunset, mountain range, storm-pushed swell or simple smile that life grants to all of us.

Because last summer my world suddenly went dark. Or to be precise half of it went dark…

You can stop reading now, or indulge me as I interrupt our regularly scheduled newsfeeds of job opportunities and self-improvement tips for a brief word about terror…

No, not the kind the government and news propagandists use to steal money and steel hearts… I mean abject white-hot fear..

The kind that happens when you realize your toddler is suddenly not next to you and there’s something in the pool.

The kind when the ten-second count to hear the wheels go up passes in silence and then there is a sudden bang and an even more sudden nose-down.

The kind when you are 6 years old and dream about The Arm…a nightmare that still haunts you 44 years later.

Terror. TERROR. That kind.

This year I experienced terror of that kind on three occasions. First ..not when the RI doc who found the tumor in my eye said it was 3mm (which Google told me was worrisome but manageable) but when the Boston doc with a much more sophisticated machine said it was actually 4 times bigger.

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