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You Are the Team: 6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great

“You Are the Team” is a book that easily and dramatically improves the way your team works together by changing the heart and mind of every member of your team. It’s a book for you, your team and entire organization.

Many leaders struggle with getting members of their team to help and assist each other; to be direct, candid and respectful in their communication; to actively participate in meetings—providing ideas and passionately discussing important topics; to trust each other; to stop their team from engaging in negative talk and even gossip; and to have members of their team take accountability for their job and performance… to name just a few.

“You Are the Team—6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great” combats each of these team issues, which stem from what author Michael Rogers calls the “Teammate Me Culture,” which is when members of the team care more about their own needs than the team’s needs. It inspires teammates to:

•Serve each other
•Put others and the team first
•Tell the truth and be transparent
•Keep commitments
•Be direct and honest in discussions
•Take accountability
•Learn from mistakes
•Seek honest feedback from teammates
•Improve personal gratitude
•Refrain from negativity and gossip
•Compliment teammates more frequently
•Celebrate teammates successes
•Extend more kindness
•Seek to understand teammates first before reacting
•Demonstrate greater empathy towards teammates
•Get it done and then some
•Improve personal focus on goals
•Bring solutions, not problems
•Invest in personal development
•Inspire and lead

Would you agree that the above actions improve teamwork? Could your team improve by teammates implementing even just a couple of these concepts?

You Are the Team is both engaging and practical. Author Michael Rogers uses a variety of entertaining stories to highlight the concepts in the book. Introspective questions are at the end of each section to help teammates reflect on how they are currently applying each of the important team concepts. The end of the book includes an assessment with 32 questions to gauge the overall effectiveness of teammates.

You Are the Team is written for every member of every team. Becoming a successful team begins with teammates who want to provide more value than they receive. You Are the Team was written to help members of teams understand the value they bring.

It all starts with servant teamwork. When members of teams begin to think and act like servants it changes teams in an explosive way.

Would you agree that every member of your team has the potential to be great? Would you agree that if every member of your team was great, your teamwork would be extraordinary?

Everyone knows that remarkable teamwork equals remarkable results. That’s why organizations spend so much time and money on team-building and team-development activities.

However, few teams succeed in actually improving their teamwork because team members have little commitment to the team or its outcomes.

The sad reality is that many team members are performing far below what they are capable of achieving, and consequently, they hold their teams back from being extraordinary.

You Are the Team was written with the purpose of moving teammates from good to great by improving their investment and commitment to the team.

Order a copy for you, for your entire team, and for your entire organization.

Author Michael Rogers has over 20 years of experience working with teams in business, sports, and a variety of volunteer organizations. One common theme in his consulting work has been that the best teams are made up of teammates who are committed to and invested in their team and its outcomes. He has found, without exception, that teams consisting of teammates who regularly practice selflessness, trustworthiness, humbleness, positivity, respectfulness, and greatness achieve extraordinary teamwork.

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